Eleanor Roosevelt Was Right About the USMC

Ore : 4:06 PM

An antidote to all the anti-mercenary stuff on Freedom Camp: I would blow every single active duty Marine in the core. Seriously, I would suck and suck and suck. I would run my wet, pillowy lips over every Marine glans I could find. Now I know that doesn't mean much coming from a gay guy -- of course I'd let just about any lance corporal stick his lance down this throat -- but cope with this: Are you a jarhead with jugs? Are you a JAG girl perchance in olive? Then fuck yes, I would tease and suckle your clit and stuff your cunt with a bunch of tongue, too. That's the way it goes.

Marines are beautiful, and every single Marine on God's green Earth deserves at least one solid, satisfying blow job.

And yes, if you're a Marine, you bet your taut buttocks I'd swallow.

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Comments for Eleanor Roosevelt Was Right About the USMC
And what brought on that post? :)

I'm mostly with you, but being a thoroughbred, I'm going to have to take a pass on the clit.


jess: I just got through fucking a very fine Navy guy out at the lake. Weird how that works, huh?

mr: Here's a hint: it tastes like the sea. Not so bad, but it can be poisonous if you gulp it...

elmo: El oh FUCKING el, if you can believe it...

holy jesus on a triscuit. Yikes!

Sweetcheeks, you mis-posted. This little dirtee dittie belongs on Jism Nation.

Not here for the mainstream AG's of the world.

You drunk!

PP: Well something on a triscuit, anyway.

AG: Cope with it. Besides, there are no pictures!

butchie: You wish. Only then would you have a chance of taking advantage of me. Still, that would be a great excuse...

Ha! I'd split your tired worn out gaper like a fucking log!

right, so, how do you really feel, teh?

Was that a guest blog from Jeff Gannon?

Semper fei!

Word verification: pmpbj Ha!

Anyway, all Marines deserves a cookie, a nice little bed, and a story. So I will seriously read Yertle the Turtle to every Marine, regardless of sex or age. I don't have the cookies though, so they'd have to bring their own.

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