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From an article on "Operation: Blame Iran!":

Meanwhile, the defense secretary has been getting a lukewarm response here to his plea for allies to send more troops and aid for a spring offensive in Afghanistan.


France and Germany are questioning the wisdom of sending more soldiers, while Spain, Italy and Turkey have also been wary of providing more troops.

"When the Russians were in Afghanistan, they had 100,000 soldiers there and they did not win," German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung told reporters.


Lithuania, which already has 130 troops in Afghanistan, offered to send an unspecified number of special forces, helping to fill a key shortfall.
I can hear it now, during the 2008 presidential debates: "You forgot Lithuania!" Two weeks later, they'll pull out.

PS Is it that they're really this stupid? Or do they just think we are? First
Abu Gonzales, now the stupidest fucking man on the planet:

"This was not 'alternative intelligence assessment,' " he said. "It was from the start a criticism of the consensus of the intelligence community, and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance."
Yes, you read that right: He didn't submit his report of ties between Saddam and al Qaeda because he endorsed its substance, but, well, just for the hell of it. And it wasn't an alternative assessment -- it was merely a critique of an assessment that no one outside of the intelligence community got to see because they were too busy crowing about his "critique."


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Is it that they're really this stupid? Or do they just think we are?


I second snag.

In the middle east they have this awesome ability to stamp the shit out of documents: green ones, purple ones, multicoloured, stickers, what have you.

Most of these stamps say "I certify the authenticity of this other stamp but I'm not saying anything about the contents of the actual document."

This represents Doug Feith's most impressive reach into cultural sensitivity.

he typed it and never uttered word about it. Therefore he never said anything about it's veracity.

isn't that obvious?

Yet again, courtesy of this moronic and dangerous administration, I'm driving home listening to the evening news and being scared out of my wits. Seems like the thing to do, whack a few hornets nests in Iran.

i meant to ask, did you get a working PC for your home finally?


md: Yes. I did. In fact, it's a beacon of civilization. And it's got XP. And it rapes me for hours and hours...

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