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Ore : 9:36 AM

Are this, this and this merely the final, agonizingly drawn-out eliminationist squeals of the fascist pig before it's at last slaughtered, or is our country in serious trouble?

PS I just noticed, in the coverage of Bush's speechifyification, that CNN has been captioning a lot of stuff in Times New Roman. I find this disturbing, and I can't explain why...

PPS The fuckers forced me to change. "Enjoy the new Blogger!" Fuck you very much.

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Comments for Question For The Day
Teh, that Greenwald article is just ridiculous. The right-wing noise machine has no shame.

Welcome to New Blogger. I see you're already enjoying the tags.

I am resisting the borg. They have tried and I have evaded. Never!!!

what tags? how cool?

Blogger sucks. I ditched them rather than switch, but now I'm paying for the privilege of blogging.

Let's hope it's just the dying pig squeals. Except that I'm not a hopeful person.

new blogger isn't so bad!

I much prefer Arial font.

Welcome to the other side. I lost some comment detail (depending on how commenters logged in after about November, some now show up as "anonymous") but other than that it's fine.

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