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From the article "Finding Washington's Faith":

[American Profile]: Washington's image today is quaint at best. We mostly see him as a talking dollar bill in a TV commercial for a President's Day sale. How did he become such a largely forgotten hero?

[Peter A. Lillback]: I suppose because of the spirit of political correctness. In seeking to correct the oversight of people that belong in our story as Americans, we've thrown out some of our white male founders. We don't know them anymore...
Wow. I'm going to, for the sake of this post, allow that Lillback knows what he's talking about, and that most Americans are as vapid and ignorant of their own history as American Profile's Alanna Nash.

People don't know much about Washington not because corporate America and its legion of screech monkeys in the Religious Right (both composed almost entirely of some of the wealthiest, most powerful white men the Earth has ever known) have been waging a usually subtle jihad against public education in America for decades, but because America has become hostile to white men.

American Profile can be found as a supplement in any local newspaper that's run by wingnuts or is desperate enough for cash. This excerpt was taken from their February 18-24th issue, the cover of which has a Norman Rockwellesque image of General Washington pulling a "praying Calvin" pose -- very classy.)

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Comments for Not So Stealthy Wingnuttery
Is it wrong I've always been attracted to Alexander Hamilton?

I'd do him.

In America's defense, we white men have done a rather crappy job, and we do always leave the toilet seat up.

i celebrate the founding fathers every day: vincent price, mark hammil, henry miller, humphrey bogart, woody allen, and noam chomsky.

yep. the founding fathers.

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