Most Evil Visage On Earth

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Yes I'd like a baby labrador with a side of Iraqi toddler's blood -- hold the conscience.
Submitted with only slight commentary:

Cheney characterized Iraq as integral to the war against Islamic terrorists who want to “establish a caliphate covering a region from Spain across North Africa across the Middle East and South Asia all the way around Indonesia.”
And while yes, it occurs to me that the quoted outcome is exactly what Cheney and his flying monkeys would like to see happen -- a new paradigm that echoes that of our detente with the USSR during the Cold War, one that would shore up and maintain the political relevance of Cheney and his kind for decades (btw, yes I recognize the unlikeliness of this ever coming to pass, given the deep and myriad divisions within Islam worldwide) -- but on another level, are those really our only two choices: Shari'a-informed theocracy vs. corporatist military dictatorship occasionally leavened with Christianist theocracy? If that really is the dichotomy facing ours and future generations, then stop the world; I want to get off.

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I had a roommate whose dad was like this. He was into all the conspiracy theories (in his case involving Jews, not Muslims), did a lot of muttering about foreigners, stockpiled guns. Of course, we all knew he was crazy.

Sadly, he's like 1/2 of America with that kind of behavior, Snag pie.

i hope he continues with the war on tara
she'z all like such a bitch and all that
  • Posted at 6:06 PM | By Anonymous fatrobot

I could not have said it better myself...I wish I could, but I cant.(but I am taking notes)

Nice job teh.

Dick Cheney. Nice guy.

Let's all get off!

This planet. Get off this planet. Take all the smart people that we like and go live on a comet or something.

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