Whoom... Bisque?

Ore : 7:25 AM

The booming may not get you, but the whisking might...

Anticoagulant junket?
(Apologies to Gavilicious.)

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Comments for Whoom... Bisque?
I read about Cheney today. I couldn't help thinking this was the same condition that they drove Bill Bradley out of the 2000 races for.

Funny how it all catches up to you.

Scooter goes Down!

The crowd goes wild! Cheney seizes up and is rushed to a hospital for the ridiculously millionth time. Qucik somebody, smuggle some mold into his hospital room...

Oh sorry, I'm just carried away by gloating.

How does one get a blood clot without a heart to pump?

the hex I put on him is starting to work.....MUAHAHAHHA!

em. careful with the Scooter goes down.

Teh teh usually thinks of something else when you say goes down.

Don't worry, I wouldn't touch Scooter with Ann Coulter's inseminating pseudopods.

Careful teh, you may get whisked to Siberia.

I think the blood clot is his heart. It shrunk and ran down his leg.

As if Scooter going down weren't enough, I submit the following for your snickering, smirking, and other forms of pleasure:

Jeff Gannon Redux

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