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* Ha ha. The new Darfur PSA actually calls out our lame-duck Preznit by name. Good luck with that, kids.

* I've been too busy reading the
Comics Curmudgeon to be bothered with you peons. I never realized until Josh pointed it out just how unintentionally hilarious "They Do It Every Time" is.
* Tornados: super sad, but why is it that every fifth person interviewed by the cable news folks looks like an extra from Hee-Haw? Dude, it wasn't funny then. Though it may make me sound like self-loathing poor white trash, I nevertheless must say it: DO NOT STUFF YOUR LIP WITH CHAW PRIOR TO GOING ON CAMERA. Really.

* Yes,
DEE may employ that coked-out, nicotine fit-edged wail that irritates me so, and that seems to be en vogue among too man dance-punk vocalists, but I still wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating, well, me.

* When Netanyahu of all people tells you you're acting nuts, please pay attention.

* I hate the idea of criticising Senator Clinton because so many of her naysayers are bad faith critics who want to convince you she's evil incarnate, which she isn't. Still, far too DLC for me, far too corporatist/centrist. The least of several evils here remains Obama, IMHO.

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i was hoping to swing by, maybe pick up some lewd reference to an indie rocker or minor punk star for the weekend...

...like toyota trucks, you never disappoint.

I leaning toward Bill Richardson...for now.

Yeah, don't forget Richardson. He is probably going to end up the Dean of 08, with out the bad publicity. I hope.

teh kooch!1!!

Oh for fuck's sake. You straight boys do love your kooch. Good luck with that.

"Still, far too DLC for me"

My. Sentiments. Exactly.
  • Posted at 4:55 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

i dare to dream. someone has to...for the childrens!

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