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Finally, some dramatic progress on the Battlestar Galactica front. It's not much, but it helps. Kara Thrace is a far more interesting character than either the admittedly sexy Chief Tyrol or his winsome mate. As F. Scott Fitzgerald has so smartly reminded us, "Action is character." Starbuck AKA Captain Thrace is an interesting study relative to the piss-poor offerings of prime time teevee. She is lean, mean, slightly insane, yet the exigencies of her character force writers to deliver. Thank god they brought the focus back to her.

The mandala shit is still all so much hovering in a holding pattern by this series that can't decide what it wants to be. Still, an oddly stagnant episode, even with a main character biting it. I am nevertheless pretty sure that a certain crack pilot is a Cylon. Let's see if I'm right in this...

Pee ess: this trend of showing outtakes at the end of every episode is just sad. There's a reason the editors and producers cut that shit.

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Don't you love it when the word verification doesn't show up?

Anywho, I have seen about 5 minutes of the third season. Please don't run any spoilers without warning.

That being said, the stuff in the second season with her was awesome. The episode where she and helo stop by her apartment was deep, man, deep.

Spoilers? What spoilers? I was ever so careful...

Don't you love how teh teh tries to act all innocent.

Seriously, I mean where would AG's life be without this silly show you call BG?!

Post some penis and let's roll onwards, love.

teh, you were careful and I appreciate that. I was just informing you of my sad and lonely longing for a show that I have sadly little access to here.

And warning of the holy hellfire that would rain down upon you should you violate your previously unstated spoiler policy.


It was awesome what happened to the "Aurora" at the end.

is that vague enough?
  • Posted at 4:14 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

mdhatter! Goddammit. Put your blog back up. How effin' hard is it to cut and paste some shit now and again? Ya know. Like Sean S. and those scumbags?

Good fucking god.

I read the wrong post at Sadly, No!

It was in the second goddam comment, too. I am so flipping hopeless.

On second thought, this may hasten her arrival on the pages of Playboy though...

And you noticed, Chuckles, I hope, that I'm the one who told Bradstance to post a spoiler warning!

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