Yes, Disinterested MSN Is Precisely Who Should Discuss This

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Snuffle, snuffle...
I'm not linking to the actual article because, first of all, you know damn well where to find it, but also because I found it rather stupidly written and lacking a knowledge of many aspects of public television history (there are several reasons PBS had to start showing commercials in the first place, for one thing), so I'll spoil it: No, she thinks Big Bird's sentence ought to be commuted, but not before she harangues us with two pages of pee-wee league, calculatedly moderate "on the one hand... on the other hand..." pontificating.

Maybe that goddamned translucent, multicolored butterfly ought to die instead.

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Comments for Yes, Disinterested MSN Is Precisely Who Should Discuss This
I'll tell you what...that overgrown, mutant shit stack of a bird will die sooner than you think if he doesn't pay me back that fifty bucks he owes me!

Anyone who would kill off Big Bird is a misogynistic bastard! Just wait until Plover hears about this! He/she/it/bird isn't going to take this shit lying down!!

Pee-ess: AG posted something for teh teh at RoD.

I would gladly pay $5 to see Elmo moderate the next presidential debates.

Snag, don't encourage Elmos's birdist behavior.

Elmo is horrid and Big B. paid him back. More than once, just to get him to shut it!

Who are we talking about? Or not talking about as it were?

exospu: Got that p in the wrong place.

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