Any Excuse They Can Find to Fluff...

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Shorter Newsweek: "Mmmphf... *gag* mmmmglgglg... Gates cock! Mmmmphf... *gag* slurrrrrpSMACK... Okay, *cough, cough*, so, he's like rilly so much better at scrambling a PR response and stuff, and he's like, totally not mean and incompetent and senile, you know, like that icky old Rumsfeld...

Iran/Contra? God, you're soooo old!"

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Comments for Any Excuse They Can Find to Fluff...
You're ascribing too much dignity to them.

If I had been wearing an acid washed jean jacket and Bugle Boys, it would have been like going back in time.

"A senior White House official, who requested anonymity discussing the president's private conversations, tells NEWSWEEK that Gates called President Bush and said: "I'm going to hold people accountable. I don't know how high it will get. But it will be high." Bush responded, the official says, "Do what you need to do.""

"...cos i'm gonna pardon them anyway."

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