But If Those 'Few Bad Apples' Are Kept In The Bushel...

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...could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch...
Officials said they believe that the 48 known problems may be the tip of the iceberg in an internal oversight system that one of them described as "shoddy."
But I'm sure, a la Republicans totally not leaning on or having ousted politically inconvenient prosecutors, that none of these "errors" were committed in the spirit of retaliation and vindictiveness...

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Comments for But If Those 'Few Bad Apples' Are Kept In The Bushel...
Another great example of the effects that limited oversight and unlimited authority has on people.


This just proves that the Republicans are right and government can't do anything properly.

Or something like that.

The Patriot Act is being misused. Shocking.

"the tip of the iceberg" - soon this will just be one of those random sayings that no one really knows what it means, like "Look at gift horse in the mouth."


Does this mean we'll see Gonzalez' letter of resignation soon?

And does anybody reasonably expect Libby to do real time? ...

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