SNAP Girlfriend! Pace be Picante!

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I for one will continue to support our troops by rubbing it out to "Behind The Lines," "Fire In The Hole," and "Band of Lovers"...

I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way.
Does this mean he agrees that there should be adverse consequences for generals who, in uniform, speak at church functions in order to help sell the notion of a "holy war" between a putative Christendom and Islam? Does he believe troops who appear in uniform to support a certain party's political agenda should be punished? Would he support troops who disobeyed illegal orders to, say, torture people or otherwise violate the UCMJ or Geneva Conventions?

And -- no offense to all the hetero men and women in uniform -- is there anything more homo-hot (in a totally Spartan way, of course) than the military?

All of these questions are rhetorical, aren't they? My bad.

UPDATE: Shorter Pace non-apology: "d00d, sorry ur a f4gg0rtz."

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Gen. Pace is trying to build an army for God's evangelicals. Then they will slay all the immoral people. It's a mystery to me, but they seem to understand killing for religion.

Uh, he better get a dumpster and round up all the p0rn from the troops. No, wait, he better get ALL the dumpsters in the universe and get all p0rn from the troops. Even then that may not be enough.

It really says something that you can stab a man with a bayonet but not with your lance. I have never understood that.

Pace needs a good hard intense ana1 0rgasm.

To quote my second boyfriend: "oh, honey, after you get it once, you're a total whore for it!"

It is comforting to know that our army is being run by a complete and utter fuckwit. Gays are immoral, sticking glow sticks up children's asses, not so much.

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