Several Observations On Plame Hearings...

Ore : 8:28 AM

- Less self-aggrandizing grandstanding by the congresscritters than I'm used to in other hearings, and I find it refreshing.

- That last election really made the Republicans all kinds of gun-shy. Their line of questioning, though clearly designed to run interference for the White House, nevertheless seems especially subdued. They're sticking to innuendo, but still telegraphing their punches: every question can be reliably translated to mean "Is there any way we can blame you for all of this?"

- Westmoreland? WEST-FUCKING-MORELAND??? Honestly. And why does he sound like Forest Gump?

- The Kooch kinda went off on a tangent, but he is right to call attention to this pattern of persons being targeted and persecuted for not offering absolute loyalty to the Bush Administration and its whims, regardless of said persons' inherent competence and rightness.

- Rep. Diane Watson: Occasionally odd, but goddamn, do not mess with her. The lady does not pull punches.

- Nice on Rep. Lynch to underline the subtle misogyny behind certain Right-wing claims of nepotism -- " my wife sends me out to put out the trash."

- I do wish the Democratic congresscritters would keep their asking for speculation to a minimum. Thank goodness Mrs. Wilson maintains boundaries with regards to logic and intellect.

- The "Impeach Bush" chica in the background: right sentiment, and at least she's not screaming, but I think she's detracting from the proceedings. RETARDEAU HTML Mencken, feel free to excoriate me for this.

Okay, I gotta take a shit, shower, shave, and go to work.

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Comments for Several Observations On Plame Hearings...
How is it that your country at once produces something as fucked up as your politics (and, by association ours) and yet is capable of producing camp gold like Dreamgirls? I don't get it!

I think the elements of our national psyche that greenlight the ouvres of Paul Verhoeven or Michael Bay are the same ones that assures people like Tom DeLay and George W. Bush positions of power -- not that I can adequately explain why that happens.

Just like your PM, you are invited to come for the slaughter and mayhem, and stay for the campy entertainment.

we've always been good at entertainment.

Bread and Circuses, babies. Just like the Roman empire, and we'll go down the same way.

Waxman scheduled the hearings on a Friday afternoon, so the Repub WATB congresscritters, being used to 4 day weekends, didn't attend. Jane at FDL says that for the latter half of the hearings, there were no R committee members present.

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