You Never Promised Me A Rose Garden...

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CAVEAT: I was washing dishes and making my lunch for work when the Prez did his little down-home, folksy bouncy-bounce as a snarling Cheney lurked like a vampire in the wings, so I am relying here on (Cthulhu help me -- or at least, eat me last) the official White House transcript, which near as I can tell omits his crack-up about caring about the troops' and the troops' families' standards of living, to which the best replies might be "Walter Reed" and mention of food service contractors in Iraq...

Members of Congress say they support the troops. Now they need to show that support in deed, as well as in word. Members of Congress are entitled to their views and should express them. Yet debating these differences should not come at the expense of funding our troops.

Congress's most basic responsibility is to give our troops the equipment and training they need to fight our enemies and protect our nation. They're now failing in that responsibility, and if they do not change course in the coming weeks, the price of that failure will be paid by our troops and their loved ones.
It's good for him to clarify this for the umpteenth time: In George Bush's pickled, wizened little brain, the military's most important job, their most vital overarching mission, above and beyond Afghanistan or Iraq or, you know, securing our actual homeland is Operation Shield George W. Bush; silly me, not only did I think the legislature was a coequal branch of government (as opposed to a bunch of disgruntled subjects needing their job told them by The Decider), but I also thought he had Rove and other minions for that politically, and the Secret Service to cover the physical aspects of protection. But I guess the old two-pronged approach is failing to cover his peevish ass. No, any time he gets called to accountability -- any time the American people, via their duly elected representatives, demand a reckoning -- his first response is to dive behind a bunch of men and women in uniform.

I mean, it's bad enough that he plays dress-up on flight decks just outside San Diego harbor, or that any time he's low in the polls his peeps arrange a photo-op in front of bleachers full of soldiers and a ginormous American flag. Using them as a blanket to try and hide your glaringly obvious incompetence and unfitness for duty is not just low -- it's pretty fucking retarded.

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"They're now failing in that responsibility, and if they do not change course in the coming weeks, the price of that failure will be paid by our troops and their loved ones."

it would be nice if the price for Bush's failures were paid by Bush and not the soldiers and their families. and us civilians as well.

What a shit-heel the Preznit is.

There's nothing like a veiled threat to Ma and Pa Kettle, that the,'Monsters', are gonna git ya if ya don't watch out, because your, yes... YOUR Congress critter is causing Pissypants a hard time and lollygagging around with this spendin' bill for our boys overseas. What an absolute fucknob. I'd like to say I'm surprised at this little theatrical outburst the Toddler-In-Chief threw but it's the kind of Bad Impromptu Guerrilla Theater I'd expect from the Fools on the Hill.

Digby has the mathematical comparison between the Fight'n 109-th Congress, with their delay on a similar bill of, IIRC, 110 days, or so, as opposed to this lackadaisical 57-day process that the Un-American 110-th Congress is doing while trying to subvert Ma, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

Speaking of numbers, I wonder if Olbermann should switch to a countdown of how many days left there are until 20-January, 2009, instead of how many days since 1-May, 2003. Y'know, like a countdown to a vacation or a wedding, etc.

LOL at the Cthulhu line.

I'd be more worried about Nyarly-GACK!

I took his speech as a flat out threat to soldiers families. I planned to write about it but wont be able to till tonight.

But he said something like "if congress doesn't give me what I want the soldiers there now will have to stay longer"

i.e. - You better support me and not the Dem's or I'll keep your loved ones there a lot longer.

Threatening the families of soldiers to get his way. I'd like to spit in his face.

Here is his exact quote:

"The bottom line is this: Congress's failure to fund our troops on the front lines will mean that some of our military families could wait longer for their loved ones to return from the front lines. And others could see their loved ones headed back to the war sooner than they need to."

Oh Elmo. That fucking evil piece of shit. How dare we.

Yet here we are.

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