Uh-oh. Busted.

Ore : 10:16 AM

Bad news, bears (or good, depending on your POV): teh sailors found out about this (NEVER SAFE FOR WORK), and by association (and this seemed somehow worse, go fig...), Freedom Camp. They really do research one, don't they? You'd think they'd be desperate for warm bodies...

And no, no "seamen" jokes today...

Eek, and developing...

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Comments for Uh-oh. Busted.
Welcome back.

Thought AG smelled Jean Nate and KY jelly. Teh teh's back!

Now don't do that again and ignore AG's e-mails.

Good to have you back.

I just wish I could have been there when the recruiter clicked on that link.

KY is the new banana peel.

dude, next time, just join the village people.

Wah! You're back!

Did you at least get piped aboard?

REALLY glad that you're back!
  • Posted at 12:45 AM | By Anonymous gregor samsa

Those ship whistles are not made of meat. Well, I guess they actually are. Please stay with us!

So recruiters are helping drug addicted felons that are also unable to pass the competency exam and they get picky about teh gay. I thought they weren't supposed to ask. Did you wear your one hoodie? I think that is like telling. I'm trying to make you laugh. I hope you are OK.

I should hurt you for not answering my emails and making me worry...no more porn for you!

Bad bad boy!

well hello there

you really were serious about it, weren't you?

You dirty dirty boy. Jism nation, lol.

I was hoping that site would land you back in the realm of the slightly sane.

All the same, I am laughing right now. Hopefully with you and not the other.

I hope you aren't terribly disappointed. And I hope you're not terribly pissed that I am not terribly disappointed. Welcome back to the world, mi amigo. FTA!!!



And when Midniter says, bad bad boy, what does he really mean?!

In the navy, duh duh duh dahn nah nah nah, In the NAVY! nah nah do doo do doo.

etc.. etc...

For once, it wasn't meant in the "I'm gonna spank you and then stick it in" fun kind of way.

He was just gonna have to settle for a regular spanking.

is this a regeneration thing? did you go from being tom baker to peter davison? cue incidental music and titles?

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