Just to be clear...

Ore : 10:52 AM

The recruiter was very, very nice. He told me he didn't want to get me in trouble, and that Jism Nation was just a little too obvious.

Midniter: who knew we were that popular?

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Comments for Just to be clear...
How'd he ever make the connection?

Because he's a dirty birdy.

The man loves his cum-drenched porn. He just figures no one else should be watching it...

But he was really sweet about my rejection. That cannot be stressed enough...

And by sweet, I bet you mean he cornholed you before he sent you on your way.

BTW...I'm SERIOUSLY unhappy with you for not answering my emails.

Just sayin'.

Everyone deserves a vacation. I thought he still wasn't supposed to ask or to tell.

I wonder if you could join the National Guard in MA?
  • Posted at 6:25 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

Welcome back!

Don't join the military - those uniforms aren't flattering on anyone.

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