"See, I'm the guy who's solemn. Solemn is how I feel today. I'm the solemnizer."

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Really, MSNBC, CNN and others would have reported Bush's visit as solemn (and would have repeated the word several times during the coverage) even had he tripped at the podium and let loose his trademark shit-eating smirk throughout the solemn, solemn speech.

(And please spare me any carping about how Memorial Day -- formerly Decoration Day -- is non-partisan. Not only has the excruciating, gaping national wound that is the Bush Presidency moved way beyond the issue of left v. right, war is always about politics. Decisions to go to war, decisions to change strategy during the course of war, are all political decisions, which in a representative democracy are perfectly open to discussion and criticism -- on today of all days.)

From the Decidering Commander Guy on

President George W. Bush paid tribute Monday to America's troops -- "a new generation of fallen leaders"...
"Fallen"? Or cut down by you? This is the state of our union today: people with real leadership qualities get blown up thousands of miles from home and family, while those who have none get to rule America.

"May we always honor them, may we always embrace them and may we always be faithful to who they were and what they fought for."
"Unless they ever disagreed with me and Dick..."

How convenient that the dead can't dissent.

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Comments for "See, I'm the guy who's solemn. Solemn is how I feel today. I'm the solemnizer."
Hey teh!

A h/t from glenn Greenwald in an update - DUDE! And to think I knew you back it in the day... :-}

I can't stand to watch Bush or Cheney under the best of circumstances, and when they're humping the corpses of American servicemen and women, it's especially repulsive.

Bitter, bitter laughter.


snag: Yeah I noticed Cheney stayed pretty discreet on Monday.

tw: ;}

Sorry for not noticing you were back earlier, teh -- I am really glad you're back. And kudos on the Greenwald mention!

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