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But this is wang-free (I'm all about non-proliferation baby): Today AP, via Yahoo! give us "Bush opens Europe trip on jarring note," apparently by Terence Huntforthemostimportantpoint, AP White House Correspondent. To wit:

In a diplomatic poke in the eye [through which one purportedly may see souls] at Putin, Bush bracketed the summit with stops in the Czech Republic and Poland — the two countries where the United States wants to build a missile defense system for Europe.
My $64,000 question: Has anyone asked European countries what they want?

Bonus points if you can guess how many snarling threats Cheney fits into his phone calls to Polish and Czech leaders.

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I'm sure all those Euroweenie countries are JUST FINE AND HAPPY serving as stand-in targets for us, and if they didn't want to be thrown against the wall like the crappy little countries they are, they should have gotten in line fo rsome of that Manifest Destiny that is smeared all over America!

Fuck yeah!

If we want Europeans to have an opinion, we can give them one.

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