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The immigration bill: Thank the invisible hand that it failed. Though it leaves a bad taste in my mouth -- you know, having to rely on the nativist/racist vote to defeat it, still... That atrocious guest worker program was nothing less than an attempt to reinstitutionalize slavery in the United States. Evil, vile, unworthy of us.

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Jefferson: I won't get as vehement as mikey does (mainly 'cos I claim Cali), but I'll say this: the appearance of impropriety doesn't mean in the context of private life what it does when you're a public servant and elected official. He should resign just for that.

(Though I hope everyone notices, there's no equivalent of the "Free Scooter Libby" movement on the Left. Same thing happened with Traficant: did he commit a crime? Fine, let's step back, let justice take it's course, and if he's done wrong, let him go. That said, if Jefferson's byline on CNN had an (R), this wouldn't even have been a news story.)

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I call a moratorium on the John Edwards Haircutgate/primping, "I feel pretty" "scandal". Look:

What do you have to say to that, Candy Crowley, Maureen Dowd, Wolf Blitzer?

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Who the fuck is Paris Hilton, and why the fuck hasn't anyone thrown her under a bus already? Oh, right, because doing so would foster even more cable news coverage...

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So far Edwards is in my number 1 spot, mainly because he talks about poverty -- no one else is doing that. Still, Obama has no red marks on his record with regards to Iraq. As for Clinton: way too centrist-corporatist-DLC for me; thanks, but I'll pass.

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yah, edwards is my secret crush. cepty when he goes all aipac.

you won't tell dennis, though, right? it'll just be between us, right?

Yeah, but Edwards is actually cute and it won't take a miracle to make him look good.

AG is a Clinton fan. AG is leaving it at that.

The GOP swallowing itself over the immigration issue was interesting to watch. The xenophobic fundie wing got a good, hard look at their big business compatriots.

I love how some of the reasoning on Scooter was that Bill Clinton didn't go to jail. They just can't stop thinking about the Clenis.






  • Posted at 6:40 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

Yeah, I like Edwards for that reason too. And Obama, well, he throws it back at the media, eh? I like that in a democrat...

Clinton just pisses me off. She knows better, but it doesn't stop her from taking the most marketable position.

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