My Love Is Like A Dead, Dead Rove

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He's not leaving because it's getting a little to hot what with all those subpoenas and nosey investigators -- Conyers is right: quitting the White House won't shield him from any accountability. In fact, it may make him even more vulnerable. Nor is he quitting to help George's poll numbers; after all, there's only a year and a half left, and his absence won't mean shit in Rasmussen or Gallup points. Maybe he really is leaving to spend more time with his family (a highly original excuse.)

Then again, it could be gay prostitutes...

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Comments for My Love Is Like A Dead, Dead Rove
gay hookers for sure
he is a fat pasty waste of space
i also hate anyone in space
i am a spacist
i can't help it
it was the way i was brought up

Yeah, they've got something up there sleeve alright...

Pretty new blog, sweetie!

Gay hookers indeed. Everybody loves a gay hooker. There is even a CBS show about that!

Since when does a rat need an excuse to abandon a sinking ship?

Dude, this layout I do not like. You can't leave a comment from the individual post page.

The Rovian Retreat is not a good sign. The slime would not leave without a damn good reason.

LOL @ churchsecretary!

Why are you all so hard on Karl? If you prick him, does he not bleed?

Actually, he doesn't. Bad analogy.

Snag, Karl IS a prick.

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