You Do Know...

Ore : 7:55 PM

...What the meta-discourse is with regards to this story, don't you?

How about Obama blowing up the Sears Tower!
It is this: "Let's please, please, please talk about anyone other than Kucinich and Edwards. They after all actually take positions on poverty. And we can't have that! I'd much rather spend our airtime talking about how Obama made a baby with Hitlery and that baby was a girl who grew to be a flight attendant who successfully landed a flight that otherwise would have ended in disaster because she's none other than Karen Black!"

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When Barack Obama blows up the Sears Tower, the terrorists win.

I get annoyed when people focus on the fact that Kucinich's wife is so damn hot. He's so awesome and that has nothing to do with it, politically. But everyone is all "how did that shrimp get that woman?" Maybe because he's awesome?

LMFAO @ "Hitlery" & the Karen Black reference

Come in, Salt Lake! I'm the only one flying the plane!

[mascara streaming down her impossibly high cheekbones; hair blowing in the wind]

i like edwards
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