In Which I Am The Inverse Roy Edroso

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So what if I bought it from an undocumented Mexican at a car wash? It's still aesthetically pleasing and has artistic integrity. Airbrushed. In a fake, injected-plastic baroque frame. And on black velvet -- black velvet, a level of classiness you can't even begin to comprehend...


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Comments for In Which I Am The Inverse Roy Edroso
It sounds lovely. And what is the subject, may I ask?

please let it be Elvis.

I have a great 3D picture of Mary shooting flower-growing rays out of her hands. If you got the flower-destroying rays I'll be bummed.

I am thinking Frazetta.


Sweetie, don't you need a CAR to go to the CAR Wash?

Just askin'.

You made me look up Roy Edroso. Thanks.

Hey, just checking in. All's well?

I hope you're OK bro. Hello?

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