Pink Is Shrill

Ore : 12:10 PM

I had always just assumed that Pink was one more pretty, dykey, smart, hard-luck girl with decent range.

Good to know she got soul, too.


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Comments for Pink Is Shrill
Like Prince, Rush, Metallica, and so many other great talents, I have always known she had some real chops. She is in a different league from the teenie-bopping tramp-stamped divas she has been marketed against.

She has some serious fans, but she does not do it for me. Cool song though.

Well at least mdhatter and I have Prince in common!

I always dug her stuff, though not enough to buy it, eh. I did post a different tube of her doing that same song last winter sometime.

Very cool stuff.

Not what one would have expected back in the days of "Get the Party Started."

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