When All Else Fails...

Ore : 10:37 AM

...Go down to the Corner and hustle. I swear these weirdos make it too easy:

Shorter John Derbyshire: "
Niggers are stupid."

Shorter Mark Krikorian: "
Fucking wetbacks..."

Shorter Ramesh Ponnuru: "
Stem-cell research is murder!"

Shorter Jonah Goldberg: "
Am I an idiot? That was a rhetorical question."

Golden oldies bonus completely unrelated to the above wingnuttery:

"She's like a visitor in her own face!" - Jennifer Saunders.

PS Get in the holiday spirit and FEED ME! I'm hungry:

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Light of Doom!

I would donate, but this goddam effing layout requires me to click 3 links to get to the comment page.

Did fulsome ever get your text? Don't take it personally, he's being a bit of a turbonated chundernozzle.

I might have to blog about these subjects.

If my financial situation were okay I'd gladly make yours better. Sadly though, mine sucks too.
  • Posted at 5:27 AM | By Anonymous mdhatter

I'll send you a little scratch when I get paid on the 15th :)

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