Briefly Back From Hiatus

Ore : 10:59 AM

...Just to let you know that the DIY Network has a show called "Man Caves." No, really.

A choice quote: "Now it's in my man cave, and I can share it with all my friends."

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Comments for Briefly Back From Hiatus
You know I love it when you come in my man-cave.

Man Caves? Interesting. :)

I saw an ad for that while watching tv with my brother's wife. She said that if my brother had a man cave, she would never see him again.

I just got through cleaning out my man cave.

That's hot.

My mancave is not telegenic

Here is a list of handymen I want to visit my man cave:

-Mike Rowe
-Carter Oosterhouse
-Tory Bellici

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