First Four Drag Names...

Ore : 7:48 PM

...Are as follows:

  • Dinah AIDS
  • [In blackface] Harmony GRIDS
  • Sharon Needles
  • Manna Montana


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Comments for First Four Drag Names...
this is non-drag-queen-related - or is it? - but i work a couple of shifts a week at a video store around the corner. it's gay owned, a solid majority of the clientele's gay, and so a couple of weeks ago, some cat in a mighty fine cowboy shirt and cowboy hat and cowboy boots dropped off some flyers for an (as advertised) authentic "brokeback mountain" camp in montana.

he was quite eager for me to get my camp-on. i told him i had a thesis to write, but that i liked his shirt.

Gallows humour. I know hiv+ people* who have major LOLz @ the Family Guy AIDS song (barbershop quartet).

Then again, many are offended.

*myself included


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