Ari Fleischer and the Bushies

Ore : 8:27 AM

After seeing Ari play the concern troll for McClellan, and the lower level surrogates and operatives do the same (usually shaded with insulting subtexts) on Blitzer and King yesterday, it reminds me that many, if not most, in the Bush Administration are held there by the "Roy Cohn" effect. In other words: "We're puzzled and hurt that you would do this Scotty, because you're our close, personal friend [ie, we know a hell of a lot about you], so heed this warning: start renouncing your own book or we produce the gay hooker whom you've been paying for kinky furry yiffing in public parks."

A nasty, nasty lot, all of them.

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Comments for Ari Fleischer and the Bushies
They are totally evil. Are you back for good? A linky you shall have!

yes, no go this time. stay. stay and snark.

I would be willing to bet that a bird-watching trip through the DC parks and squares downtown would yield a bounty of blackmail material.

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