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And let's move on. I'm thinking about casting for the third Batman movie, just because this one was so good.

Obviously, we've got Christian Bale as the Batman and "Alfie" as Alfred Pennywise. My picks for future roles:

The Riddler: John Leguizamo
The Penguin: (I like Tracey Morgan in a fatsuit for this one, but am not committed.)
Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley: Anne Hathaway
Harley Quinn: Azura Skye
Catwoman: Lucy Liu
Robin/Nightwing: (Tough one. They ought to go ahead and make him an out-and-out homo; can anyone think of a non-irritating, youngish gay guy? 'Coz I sure as fuck can't.)
Mr. Freeze: Vin Diesel
Vicki Vale: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Batgirl: Chieko Kuriyama (but the girl needs to learn English first.)
Lorna Shore: Emily Mortimer

What do you other nerds and geeks think?

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Comments for Rip Heath
Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley: Anne Hathaway = BONERIFFIC.


But fuck off with Robin/Nightwing. I don't think anyone would fit well, because you would have to force on some origin story and wouldn't be able to take up half the movie with it, like they did in Begins. I think that is why the Robin addition didn't work with the Clooney movie, you can't do it right and still have a Batman movie.

Vin Diesel? AND SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR? You fucking queen.

I'll give you John Leguizamo, that might be brilliant but it would not be bad.

Vin Diesel: I concede in the face of your umbrage. But I stand by Gellar. I mean, we're casting here for Vicki Vale.

Mr. Freeze= John Malkovich

Bring back Michelle Pfeiffer for catwoman. No one else can compare (however much I like Lucy Liu). Although maybe Helena Bonham Carter...

I will go out on a limb and say Steve Carell=the Penguin. Just strange enough that it might work.

I like the Lucy Liu = Catwoman idea. I have a shiny new blog. Still a city worker.

Ooh I like Malkovich. Or maybe Patrick Stewart.

Not so sure on Carrell, but maybe John Cusack...?

Cusack couldn't act his way out a sack anymore, success ruined him.

Azura Skye as Harley would be ok, but I have yet to see her prove herself in a great role. She has the look. I forgot to look her up to find out who she was earlier, and was reminded of her existence by a guest role she had on tv tonight.

Yeah, she's the uber-sweet girl who always dies in whatever she's in. I remember her from that episode of Buffy (Season 7) and that godawful Sandra Bullock in rehab movie.

Stuart is to shakespearey. Malkovich brings the understated crazy.

Diane Lane as Poison Ivy.

Diane Lane as MySugarMomma in my life.

SKye didn't die in the episode of House I watched...I like the insults, sue me.

For reals:

Johnny Depp = Riddler

Phillip Seymore Hoffman = Penguin

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