Lucy Caboose Is My New Drag Name

Ore : 8:52 AM

1. Fucking Outside Lands music fest. All those drunk trust fund bitches gumming up the works on MUNI. I had to walk home from fucking North Beach. NORTH BEACH, GODDAMMIT!

2. Why is it that whenever somebody wants to cat-call "FAGGOT!" it's always a) a guy and b) from inside a piece of shit car?

3. Shout-out to my homie AG, showin' me love on Facecrack!

4. Turns out I'm an amazing cook. I never have a miss -- just ask my friends.

5. My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey now, hey now, my boyfriend's back.

6. He said he brought me back a souvenir from Montreal. Probably it's a raging case of gonorrhea.

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Comments for Lucy Caboose Is My New Drag Name
A lot of MUNI operators called in sick because of the music festival.

From North Beach, dammit. And I live north of the panhandle.


I'll let them know that you're not pleased with the service. They hardly ever get any complaints. Crap, I almost said that with a straight face.

No, not the muni operators so much as the fucking trust fund alcoholic jack johnson fans who are getting on my nerves.

My expectations for muni operators are already so low as to be in the carpet, so no loss there.

Is it Alex Despatie? I thought you were gonna dump that poutine lover and get with the Aussie bandwagon.

o hai teh teh. if uz on facecrack, add me too.
  • Posted at 6:40 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

MUNI operators can't be any worse than the DC Metrobus drivers. The trust fund Craigs and Trixies are probably at least as bad as in DC. Fucking schmoes.

"I'm really into indie music like Jack Johnson."
"I don't care how hot you are, this conversation is over."
-Actual interaction featuring some Trixie and The Genius.

AG will show you love anyway you want it, buttercup! (Thank you for the shout out. :) )

Except when you blow AG off when she comes to San Fran. In fact, AG will be there later this year for a MEGA celebration party (AG's not saying what but there are two big events that are happening in December for AG!) and then off to a foreign land with the new boy! Perhaps we could take him out because he needs to be exposed to blog/boy-boy culture!

Oh wait. Do we really want to freak him out?!!!

And AG used to be one of the alcoholic-coke head trust fund babies. AG calls it four years at Amherst.

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