A Real Frickin' Space Cadet

Ore : 10:35 AM

...Is to love triangles what Michelle Malkin is to sanity.
BREAKING: Classy brainiac has busted O-ring.

A couple of quick thoughts: 1) That is some hellaciously white-trash behavior coming from a disciplined scientist who's passed countless batteries of psychological tests... Then again, dig that hair. 2) Not all publicity is good publicity, especially for NASA, and now more than ever. I mean, adult diapers and pepper spray? What the hell?

Oh yeah, and honey? He all right, but he
ain't all that... Dang.

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Comments for A Real Frickin' Space Cadet
Ground control to Major Thomasina! I think her intrusive auditory hallucination know which way to go!

I hear they're going to put a double-wide in orbit next year.

I was actually doing okay until I read the diaper part. That's just wrong.

I could also see this becoming the script idea for the next Larry the Cable Guy movie.

Yeah, straaaaaange.

Must be all that cosmicy rayness that she absorbed up in the spaceosphere.

everytime i feel i'm falling i get down on my knees and pray...

Women are too unstable to do a man's job.

I love how she apparently thought of everything except for how she'd get the victim. Knocking on the car door and crying? Sheesh.

This woman has the planning skills to land her a spot in the Pentagon.

Apparently, psychological testing isn't the only thing that NASA needs to rethink their standards on. When I heard that he was an astronaut, I thought HOT. Then I saw his picture and was sorely disappointed.

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