Your Children Are Savage Half-Wits

Ore : 11:03 PM

I'm upset. For four hours, it was bliss: all my patrons were elderly -- they even smelt so. I'm sure they wore diapers. And then three o'clock wore around. All the sudden, I had to contend with a stink-bomb. A stink-bomb: a sulfery whatsits that was supposed to smell like a smelly fart ohohoho those kids are so funny, aren't they? So fucking funny. Don't you want to fucking kill them. Oh, yes you do. That's why you send them my way. So they'll burden themselves on me, and not be a PAIN TO YOU. THAT'S WHY. GODDAMMIT.

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Comments for Your Children Are Savage Half-Wits
poopy pants?

What a coincidence. Your title is our local grade school's motto.

I didn't even realize they made stink bombs anymore.

Your Children Are Savage Half-Wits

Well yeah, no shit...tell me something I don't know.

I just had to argue the fact that there was no way Scooby Doo could ever eat that many hotdogs with a smart ass 6 yr old!

But he gets it honestly...

Mary Poppins called and she expects you in class next week.
  • Posted at 9:48 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

That happens to me when I have eggplant.

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