Purple Fingers Pull the Trigger?

Ore : 9:48 AM

So according to Scott Ritter (who, as you may recall, has been right before), Georgie plans to bomb Iran in June, confirming suspicions recently aired by Seymour Hersch (another guy with a stellar batting average). Oh, and the January election in Iraq may have been cooked...

Via Iranians for Peace, where Sima and Mana "hope he is wrong." Amen to that, sisters.

Anyway, it might rain today, but to make sure, I'll water my roses -- a reverse jinx, kinda like washing your car or lighting a cigarette at a bus stop.

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Comments for Purple Fingers Pull the Trigger?
Speaking of buses, there's a whole bunch of them parked at 62nd and Columbus Av in NYC - and the company is called "Lamers". OT, ergo t3h l4m3, but why not?

I believe that's the same thing SF MUNI calls their mothballed busses by Potrero...but perhaps another reader will correct me.

Why not indeed?

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