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Ore : 11:31 AM

I was going to continue going on about Arnie here, but got sidetracked by the biggest forehead in the Midwest -- perhaps my subconscious's way of telling me I've smoked too many cigarettes today and my bulbs need watering...

Shorter Lileks: I'm so curmudgeonly I called dish customer service at 2 in the morning, I look askance at wifey buying sugary cereals for my insectoid spawn, I believe Dennis Prager is a perfectly reasonable, down-home fella, and Powerline's gears of production and cogs of deadlines are threatening to chew my enfeebled, cranky-because-I-have-nothing-to-write-a-cranky-column-about flesh to itty-bitty curmudgeonly bits. P.S. I am sooo old and sooo cranky...

What to do? I had to write something. But I had no ideas. I was exhausted, yes, but worse than that: I was full of stuff that wouldn’t make a good column. The morning at church, the ice, the pleasures of housecleaning, the deep joy of stretching out for a nap, the Prager meeting, the dinner, the drinks afterwards, the speeding down the highway in the Swede’s mean Saab with the endless techno blaring, the conversation with Gnat, the comfortable pleasure a man gets when he takes off his suit and hangs it up after a good night – all of these things made for a wonderful day, the sort of day that makes me realize I’d have to be a millipede to count my blessings on my digits, but there wasn’t a column in any of it.

What, indeed, is a reactionary to do, with nothing to react to?

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Yes, it's hard when the corruption is so complete that you feel your job is done.


Just stopped by to say hi, I like your blog a lot & link to it on mine.


Thanks, jane!

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