I'm Busy, Dammit...

Ore : 9:46 PM

Hi folks. Uncharacteristically small and shitty post. I'm busy writing my novel, researching order theory and neoplatonism for a particular scene, but I just wanted to reiterate my loathing of Michelle Malkin.

To wit: I'm quite sure her family immigrated some time after my grandparents were watching their beloved friends and co-workers being hauled off to Manzanar, and watching people they thought they knew and understood turn into complete foaming-at-the-mouth red-faced racist monsters, so perhaps I should forgive her some of her trespasses and intellectual dishonesty.

But then, I've had a nip of Stoli tonight, so I don't feel like it. Suffice it to say: Michelle Malkin, nee Maglalang, I hate you like the mongoose hates the cobra. You are a horrific, shitty excuse for a human being, and I hope you choke on that Regnery contract.

What I don't hope, vindictive shithead though I am, is that you end up behind razor wire eating maggoty bread at the wrong end of an automatic weapon, suffering from dysentery and not knowing where any of your loved ones are, whether your home will still be yours when you get out, indeed, not knowing if you'll ever make it out alive.

Even if you do deserve it.


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