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All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

Okay, I'm being dramatic -- this isn't about huge, world-changing conspiracies. Just a few of today's stories I'd like to see get flogged to death by every talking head in America...

Soldier's "Traffic Deaths"
The Welshman at DailyKos has started a new researched diary into War Deaths -- specifically, those deaths that have been attributed to vehicle accidents. Not IEDs and such, mind you, but straight up vehicular snafus. Anyway, the statistics paint a picture that's sad, disturbing and frustrating.

One of the more cynical replies suggested the Pentagon had redefined "vehicle accidents" and was using that category to minimize the butcher's bill, an accusation at which I'd look askance were it not for the Bush Administration's proven track record (see "Manufacturing Jobs, fast food work redefined as").

(See also)

Mars Attacks...My Cold, Black Heart!
Intrepid nerds Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke of NASA’s Ames Research Center have uncovered possible evidence of extant life on Mars! Like any good scientists, they're trying to eliminate all other possibilities before reaching this amazing conclusion. They point to certain methane signatures among other compelling evidence...

Pity Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of All Fucking Iraq
Not to be shown up by lefty bloggers' bloodlust, the Ministry of Truth (consisting of the White House and their lickspittles among the RWCM) has decided to start eating its own...

Because His Service Was Such a Tribute To America In Nicaragua...
John "I Oversaw the Rape, Torture and Murder of Missionaries and Leftists" Negroponte is coming home to roost in his new perch as Intelligence Czar. Everything you never wanted to know about this man here, here and here. Foul.

Update Edit: Happy Birthday, Beth C.!

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