In Defense of Internment of Right-Wingnuts

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All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

Hi all: Just a quick note today to remind you of one of America's most ignominious non-holidays.

Via DailyRotten:

Feb 19 1942
Roosevelt signs E.O. 9066, the internment order permitting Japanese Americans to be held in concentration camps for the duration of the war.

Some suggested reading:

David Neiwert's "The roots of hate"
Manzanar National Historic Site (National Park Service)
Children of the Camps
From WikiPedia
Friends of Minidoka

Why is this important today?

You really shouldn't have to ask...

Suggested non-holiday activity:

Why not shoot Michelle and her pathetic suitor Pipes friendly e-mails telling them how much you appreciate their bravery in standing up to the enemy within?

Okay, linking to Miz Maglalang necessitates a shower. Hopefully I'll get lucky and it'll be water and not something else...

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