Fascism American Style

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Feeling tinfoil hatty today, and just wanted to point you to an interesting and relevant historical diary:


What Steven D neglects to make mention of, because they weren't part of this particular plot, is the fact that the Walkers and the Bushes were among these ruling families at the time; Prescott Bush's support of the Nazi regime, for example, has been well documented.

And it does have relevance for today. You know, for a while, I thought Bush was mad stoopid. But as his campaign in 2000 got into gear, I realized I was mistaken. He's lazy and uncurious, and possibly dyslexic, but he's not stupid; he's quite cunning in his own way. He's certainly not so daft as to say that running America sure would be "a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, and I was dictator," without any awareness whatsoever of his family's support of and alliances with various fascists, corporatists, and military juntas throughout history.

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