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Left of Center capsule reviews:

* "Where Soul Meets Body," Death Cab for Cutie: What Phil Collins would have sounded like if he collaborated with Paul Simon and had, you know, a modicum of talent. Catchy chorus. (7/10)

* "Clamour for Glamour," The Ark: Scissor Sisters with bigger, hairier, lower-hanging balls. Three of them, in fact. (6.5/10)

* "Wires," Athlete: The songwriting prowess of Chris Martin after 4 pints and the vocal range of Kim Carnes after a night in the gutter. Listenable if you like sappy and it's in the background. (3/10)

* "Club Foot," Kasabian: Will be writing the entire soundtrack for the next ultra-gritty, ultra-hip, ultra-jump-cutty, ultra-annoying Guy Ritchie cockney spoogefest. Jokes on you, Council House chavettes. (1.5/10)

* "Jessica," Adam Green: Gimmick song that punts a softball for first base. Lovely voice and accompaniment, though. (5/10)

* "Prison on Route 41," Calexico & Iron And Wine: Slow dance with your honey in a honky-tonk, then make out under a blood moon. Exquisitely pretty. (8/10)

* "Silent Sigh," Badly Drawn Boy: Carole King is in a medically induced coma. Pass the smelling salts. (3/10)

* "Fistful of Love," Antony And The Johnsons: I can see why he won a Mercury -- powerfully talented. But damn, has there been a singer/songwriter with a creepier presence since Tiny Tim? A chunky, white, warbly Nina Simone. (8/10)

* "My Way," Sex Pistols: I've been stabbed multiple times in the stomach in a dilapidated, roachtastic hotel room while sleeping off a junk binge. And I like it. (9/10 [Nostalgia and sentimentality figured in to this score])

LAST MINUTE BONUS: "Glosoli," Sigur Ros: Unintelligible, weird, and devastatingly beautiful. A symphony of emotion and otherworldly colors. A journey through a forest of lacey trees made of crystal. My new fave song. (8.5/10)

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oh jeez louise- you need to listen to silent sigh again. its actually massively depressing yet there is something about it that suggests it could be really romantic. 1 billion out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bah, humbug.

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