Freaking Out

Ore : 9:53 AM

Short on rent by $250, and must raise it by Friday at the latest.

Ideas? Options? You're a creative bunch.

And yes, prostitution is probably out of the question...

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Comments for Freaking Out
Sell everything you don't like. You can always replace it with something nicer later.

Cash advance on credit card?

I have been a great abuser of bank credit lines which are generally far cheaper to deal with than credit cards.

I've also sold a lotta stuff, donated blood plasma, telephone solicited...those places'll keep you for a bit before they can you for not bugging enough people, and by then they owe you money.

Hold up a liquor store.

no credit cards!!! aieee!

Blood plasma is usually good and quick for a couple trips a week, as long as you are clean-ish and drink enough water.

How do you not even have one credit card?

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