Fixing The Internet

Ore : 7:32 AM

Uh-oh, hope Malkin doesn't see this!
You know, considering the
amount of flak AP and others have been getting for their reporting, maybe we ought to help them out a bit...

Score one for journalistic integrity!
There. Much better.

Apologies to Gavilicious, Bradstance Booberry, and the boys at
Sadly, No!

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Comments for Fixing The Internet
Everything must go go go! They can even have a President's Day sale soon.

I can always count on you, Teh, to set it all to rights.

It took me a while to get that.

very nice!

brando: Well it sure as shit won't be a White Sale.

smarty: Hope your sinuses aren't too abused...

nölff: Yes, "liquefaction" isn't often used...

elmo: I'll never be able to top your HNT from Kuwait (v. v. sweet.) But some day...

Pr: What is it with you and pussy? I swear...

All: Today was a shitty meeting day, and I'm thrilled to be entering the weekend... With my thick, tumescent, l4m3hood!!!

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