Killer Facts!

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In observation of Harry Hutton's current hiatus (PBUH), and with the help of right-thinking Christian patriots on the internets (specifically, the Straussian and Zoloftian internets, as well as John Birch's superinterhighwayinfoweb), I'd like to present you with today's Killer Facts:
  • *Ann Coulter has bigger balls and more firepower than Noelle Bush's father -- enough to pull an Elian on TerriĀ©. She certainly has a better grasp of historical fact, tertiary syphilis be damned!
  • *The Culture of Life bears absolutely no resemblance to a previous era's combatting certain Volksseuche...No, siree, absolutely no resemblance whatsoever...
  • *Vengeance and retribution are not the Lord's, but ours, and they are justice, and any suggestion that there's a distinction is a filthy liberal lie.
  • *Kim DuToit has a girly, Frenchish name, and a teeny-tiny pecker.

So, campers, keep a look out for uncle Harry, and wish him well in the hinterlands of South America!

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