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In part because of my unflagging lust for John Newlin (I met him once at 111 Minna, and he's even hotter in person) and my worship of Seanbaby, and despite their decision to abandon San Francisco, I remain a loyal reader of The Wave.

Scott DeVaney's "
Making A Killing," an examination of the increasing corporatization of the war on Iraq, although flawed, is worth a gander:

During the first Gulf War, two percent of U.S. personnel were private contractors. Today in Iraq, that number is 10 percent. The question is: Is this a good or bad thing for American foreign policy?

Good question. I also wonder how great the whole Objectivist/free-market/privatization fanaticist experiment is turning out for

In addition, don't miss Seanbaby's assessment of
missile defense hooey, and Tom Lanham's interview with Tori.

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