Saturday Randomosity

Ore : 9:38 AM

* That fucking Dockers commercial. Sorry, but if you know the F Market line, you know damn well that no hook-up is sweet enough to hop off and wait 42 goddamn minutes for the next one.

* 'Fess up. At a friend's house a few years back. After a particularly informative episode of National Geographic, "V." asks "D.", "What's a 'chigger'?" "D." answers, "Rae Dawn Chong." I still feel bad about laughing at that one.

* Kim DuToit has a very tiny penis that performs inadequately. Okay, so we don't have Mssr. DuToit to kick around anymore. In his stead, why not enjoy a large bowl of snap, crackle -- oh no! Look out for that tree!!!

* I'll have a Hot Karl with pickles, please.

* These kind of things happen. Maybe illegal, maybe not, but definitely ugly. Probably reason #4,982 why you don't go to war unless absolutely necessary.

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Comments for Saturday Randomosity
I only know Kim du Toit from Law/Gun/Money naming him worst blogger, but that guy is truly insane. I think Freedom Camp needs to get up in his grille.

what happened to him???? where'd he go?

Ooh, damn! He done quit! Mebbe he ran off to be a white militia survivalist type person in Idaho or somesuchwhere...

That is some chocolate milk mustache

(also, that word verification thing is tedious, just saying)

blogrolled. I think it's my frist. ;)

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