Some Internets Can't Be Fixed

Ore : 9:50 PM

What the hell is the perky hellbeast from Rura Penthe on the left doing anywhere near the personal space of the goddess on the right?

My name is Tina Turner, and I only have Regis Philbin to my name, but if you let me stay here tonight, I WILL PAY YOU BACK.

Angela, you are a fabulous woman, and black don't crack: Can't you see that this blonde bitch looks older than you do, even though she's a decade younger? IN RE phot ops: you can do better...

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Comments for Some Internets Can't Be Fixed
Hear, hear, teh. What's really pathetic is that the immensely talented and beautiful Angela Bassett is so underused, while the hellbeast in question actually has a job.

Fuck Hollywood.

"Hellbeast from Rura Penthe." Thank you for that.

You mean those dog thingies that had the really big teeth?

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