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Light On The Horizon? [Kathryn Lopez]

Wow. Just switched to FOX and saw, on the ticker, albeit from the kitchen, "We have cure for AIDS."

Does anyone else see our Commander in Chief's fingerprints on this one? I know I do!

Rebirth of a Nation [Andy McCarthy]

Just saw Shelby Steele talking on CNN about free markets and deregulations. Very articulate, considering...

Done All The Research I Can... [Jonah Goldberg]
Sorry folks, another bleg: can anyone tell me the difference between an ungulant and a ruminant? I'm researching for a quick spot of Space: 1999 fanfic. Also, does anyone know if Barbara Olsen was still alive in this verse's 1999? Thanks. I have an important meeting from now until 5, but I'll start responding tomorrow morning...

RE: AIDS Cure [John Derbyshire]
INRE AIDS Cure: Great. Another several decades, as opposed to years, of Sully...

RE: AIDS Cure [Mark Steyn]
Also, stock up on and buy up stock in Crisco, penicillin. But at least I'm guaranteed a glut of work reviewing musical theatre.

Darn [Kathryn Lopez]
Must have been pork rind dust in my eye. Apparently a repeat read: "Insurgents launch grenades." Woops.

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Conjugating Pretension [Stanley Kurtz]

Did you know that I get paid by the word?

WHEEE! This should be a corner open thread:

Bush On Iraq [Rich Lowry]

GODDAMMIT K-LO YOU ENORMOUS BAG Bush can say any damn thing he wants about Iraq!!! Cheney does, and look how well he's doing!

RE: AIDS Cure [John Derbyshire]
I'm glad somebody other than me was thinking of the children for once.

Little child, dry your crying eyes, all that they must build again.

[Jesus H. Christ]

Snakes! [Larry Kudlow]
Hey, buddy, help a brother out?

RE: AIDS CURE[Uninformed Twit]
That is great news like peanut butter and banana sandwiches! When are they going to invent a cure for the fat?

Is There an Astrophysicist in the House? [Jonah Goldberg]

I'm researching some more fanfic and I need to know how ejaculate would behave in a zero gravity environment.

NRO Cruise: Don't Wait! [NRO Staff]
Be sure to get your tickets for the HMS Titanic today! We'll be sailing up to the North Atlantic, heedless of the near-invisible mountains of ice that bar our way, unworried about the dearth of lifeboats -- we'll settle this global warming thing once and for all! Along the way, we'll enjoy the comedy stylings of John Podhoretz, and the buffet table from which Podhoretz is banned. See you there!

RE: AIDS cure [Mark Steyn]

But at least I'm guaranteed a glut of work reviewing Manhattan leather biker bars.

Steyn is gey. And apparently enjoys red hanky pursuits.

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