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Just so you know, I've had a nasty cold for the past coupla days, and I've still got it. I was going to post some really funny Mark Steyn slash fic to post, but I'll hold off. I'm just going to putter around the tubes between bouts of blowing my nose...


UPDATED to add *sniffle*hock* stop the muthafuckin' presses. Did I just see
Juan Cole interviewed on CNN? They're actually giving face time to people who have been absolutely right all along, ever since the inception of the Iraq debacle? First time I've ever seen that...

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Meanwhile Bush sr is complaining of news hostility
(Drudge Report)

You should blow your nose on the keyboard and post that. It'd be less revolting than most of Steyn's columns.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

^ what snag said

I'm sorry he's Canadian.

Everyone on CNN was drunk at the time.

Was Juan Cole riding a pony?

Call me when he's riding a pony through a herd of ponies.

lots of fluids my friend...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well.
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