Ore : 12:18 PM

I was in the minority camp.  Unlike a lot of small-minded, sanctimonious tards, I actually liked Ellen Tigh:  she was bitchy, catty, drunk, manipulative, pushy, shrewish, super-slutty and dressed way too young for her age -- in short, she was everything I aspire to be.

To find out she's not only the fifth Cylon, but one of the cool ones at that, makes me reiterate:  fie on all you haters.  Eat it suckas!

PS  To those of you who worry, still having pecuniary difficulties, but horizon looking clearer.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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Freaking Out

Ore : 9:53 AM

Short on rent by $250, and must raise it by Friday at the latest.

Ideas? Options? You're a creative bunch.

And yes, prostitution is probably out of the question...

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