In Which I Am The Inverse Roy Edroso

Ore : 2:52 PM

So what if I bought it from an undocumented Mexican at a car wash? It's still aesthetically pleasing and has artistic integrity. Airbrushed. In a fake, injected-plastic baroque frame. And on black velvet -- black velvet, a level of classiness you can't even begin to comprehend...


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Ore : 8:30 PM

I got PTSD in Viet Gnam.

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Okay, So I'm Panicking A Bit

Ore : 3:27 PM

I can't do it anymore. I seriously think I'm going to crack. It's not the job, which is great. It's the grinding, incessant poverty. It's fucking killing me.

Just a venting post. Bad day, feeling very lost and alone right now. I'm just so depressed...


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How Could You Call Me A Racist? I'm Asian!

Ore : 8:27 AM

So after her disappointing reaction to the Rove dismis- ahem, I mean, resignation, I thought I'd visit Michelle Malkin to check up on her. She seemed so limp the other day, so lackluster -- her coat was dull and a bit on the mangy side (an allergic reaction to l'affaire Beauchamp, perhaps?)

But this morning she's back in form, and Jesse's clearly given her a big ass bowl of Kibbles & Fits.

Quick question, Michelle: Does "sovereign" mean the same thing with regards to America as Bush thinks it does to Iraq? 'Cos if so, we're screwed...

No, really. Though I'm loathe to give her traffic, go read the whole thing (no linky 'cos you're big boys and girls.) You can practically feel the spittle flying off your monitor.

No matter how deeply sad she is at movement conservatism's lack of, well, movement, you can always cheer her up with race-baiting tales of murderous Messicun illegals.

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My Love Is Like A Dead, Dead Rove

Ore : 9:13 PM

He's not leaving because it's getting a little to hot what with all those subpoenas and nosey investigators -- Conyers is right: quitting the White House won't shield him from any accountability. In fact, it may make him even more vulnerable. Nor is he quitting to help George's poll numbers; after all, there's only a year and a half left, and his absence won't mean shit in Rasmussen or Gallup points. Maybe he really is leaving to spend more time with his family (a highly original excuse.)

Then again, it could be gay prostitutes...

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"It's rough all over, Ponyboy..."

Ore : 10:55 AM

This quote has always irked me, and now I finally know why: Cherry's is a lie of omission.

To break it down: We every one of us have our respective stations in life. Some stations have their charm and advantages and moments of loveliness; all have their miseries.

It's a distinction I thought worth noting.

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Just So You Know

Ore : 8:38 PM

Momma still got it:

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