Fascism American Style

Ore : 9:39 AM

Feeling tinfoil hatty today, and just wanted to point you to an interesting and relevant historical diary:


What Steven D neglects to make mention of, because they weren't part of this particular plot, is the fact that the Walkers and the Bushes were among these ruling families at the time; Prescott Bush's support of the Nazi regime, for example, has been well documented.

And it does have relevance for today. You know, for a while, I thought Bush was mad stoopid. But as his campaign in 2000 got into gear, I realized I was mistaken. He's lazy and uncurious, and possibly dyslexic, but he's not stupid; he's quite cunning in his own way. He's certainly not so daft as to say that running America sure would be "a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, and I was dictator," without any awareness whatsoever of his family's support of and alliances with various fascists, corporatists, and military juntas throughout history.

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Ore : 7:50 AM

I feel like crap today, so I'll let George & Co. entertain you:

You know they cribbed this one from Guckert...

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I'm Busy, Dammit...

Ore : 9:46 PM

Hi folks. Uncharacteristically small and shitty post. I'm busy writing my novel, researching order theory and neoplatonism for a particular scene, but I just wanted to reiterate my loathing of Michelle Malkin.

To wit: I'm quite sure her family immigrated some time after my grandparents were watching their beloved friends and co-workers being hauled off to Manzanar, and watching people they thought they knew and understood turn into complete foaming-at-the-mouth red-faced racist monsters, so perhaps I should forgive her some of her trespasses and intellectual dishonesty.

But then, I've had a nip of Stoli tonight, so I don't feel like it. Suffice it to say: Michelle Malkin, nee Maglalang, I hate you like the mongoose hates the cobra. You are a horrific, shitty excuse for a human being, and I hope you choke on that Regnery contract.

What I don't hope, vindictive shithead though I am, is that you end up behind razor wire eating maggoty bread at the wrong end of an automatic weapon, suffering from dysentery and not knowing where any of your loved ones are, whether your home will still be yours when you get out, indeed, not knowing if you'll ever make it out alive.

Even if you do deserve it.


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In Defense of Internment of Right-Wingnuts

Ore : 11:31 AM

All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

Hi all: Just a quick note today to remind you of one of America's most ignominious non-holidays.

Via DailyRotten:

Feb 19 1942
Roosevelt signs E.O. 9066, the internment order permitting Japanese Americans to be held in concentration camps for the duration of the war.

Some suggested reading:

David Neiwert's "The roots of hate"
Manzanar National Historic Site (National Park Service)
Children of the Camps
From WikiPedia
Friends of Minidoka

Why is this important today?

You really shouldn't have to ask...

Suggested non-holiday activity:

Why not shoot Michelle and her pathetic suitor Pipes friendly e-mails telling them how much you appreciate their bravery in standing up to the enemy within?

Okay, linking to Miz Maglalang necessitates a shower. Hopefully I'll get lucky and it'll be water and not something else...

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Tinfoil Thursday

Ore : 8:59 AM

All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

Okay, I'm being dramatic -- this isn't about huge, world-changing conspiracies. Just a few of today's stories I'd like to see get flogged to death by every talking head in America...

Soldier's "Traffic Deaths"
The Welshman at DailyKos has started a new researched diary into War Deaths -- specifically, those deaths that have been attributed to vehicle accidents. Not IEDs and such, mind you, but straight up vehicular snafus. Anyway, the statistics paint a picture that's sad, disturbing and frustrating.

One of the more cynical replies suggested the Pentagon had redefined "vehicle accidents" and was using that category to minimize the butcher's bill, an accusation at which I'd look askance were it not for the Bush Administration's proven track record (see "Manufacturing Jobs, fast food work redefined as").

(See also)

Mars Attacks...My Cold, Black Heart!
Intrepid nerds Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke of NASA’s Ames Research Center have uncovered possible evidence of extant life on Mars! Like any good scientists, they're trying to eliminate all other possibilities before reaching this amazing conclusion. They point to certain methane signatures among other compelling evidence...

Pity Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of All Fucking Iraq
Not to be shown up by lefty bloggers' bloodlust, the Ministry of Truth (consisting of the White House and their lickspittles among the RWCM) has decided to start eating its own...

Because His Service Was Such a Tribute To America In Nicaragua...
John "I Oversaw the Rape, Torture and Murder of Missionaries and Leftists" Negroponte is coming home to roost in his new perch as Intelligence Czar. Everything you never wanted to know about this man here, here and here. Foul.

Update Edit: Happy Birthday, Beth C.!

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Basic Cable Hair Salon!

Ore : 10:43 AM

All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

We get it: you want something dramatic, but not too hip. A look that says "I'm a workmanlike actress and an exhausted single mom with several pilots co-starring Kevin Sorbo under my belt." You want a 'do that'll snag you the part of "Bar-B-Q Mom" in the next Dodge Hemi-whatever commercial.

In short, you want Basic Cable Hair!

What not to do

First, some styles to avoid: these are close to, but not quite "Basic Cable Hair."

Alicia Silverstone at the premier screening of her new movie, "The High School That Time Forgot."

Someone should tell Michelle that Fabio doesn't do book covers with racist fascists, even if said racist fascists look like lonely, windswept housewives.

Welcome to Krankor's Palace, gentlemen! HA...HA...HA...HA...HAAAaah!

And finally...

...let's face it: going Weird Science-era Kelly LeBrock will earn you nothing but major mojo at CBGB or 111 Minna these days. Yes, the AquaNet Meltdown (sweatband optional) is back, and it's just too cool for skool -- certainly too cool for basic cable!

For more examples of failed pates, drive to a rural area, and in the foyer of the nearest Wal-Mart, pick up any real estate magazine. Nine times out of 10, the featured agents have obviously been studying their Basic Cable Hair Manual while under the influence of malt liquor...

One that works

Katie Couric's taking cues from Season 5 Buffy. You know, to relate to those kids today, what with their baggy pants and their friends-with-benefits and their electronic gewgaws and...BANGS!!!

ITEM! Ratty bangs say practical, big hair sez drama!


An oft-spotted subset of "Basic Cable Hair" is the "Speculative Fiction Look," or as I call it, "Sci-locks." Long gone are the beehives of yesteryear; today's alien-babe tresses are big and sassy!

Want to score a part on the latest SciFi original movie/soon-to-fail pilot? Then you want a look that says "I'm a sexy astrophycist/JC Penney catalog model who was cryogenically frozen in 1992. Please sir, what year is it, and where may I find a tub of JAM! and a curling iron?"

Mary McDonnell's President Roslin on Battlestar Galactica goes with a saucy mane that says "I got shut out by Bonnie Bedelia for the part of the wife in Die Hard."

Stargate Atlantis's Rachel Luttrell is no stranger to the Basic Cable Hair Salon! "Is this what you hyoo-mahns call 'prah-dukt'? It has a most strange consistency..."

All right! Our stylist will see you now. Just have a seat and we'll start your shampoo...Might I suggest the gel-helmet/poodle-perm combo with a side of tsunami bangs?

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Blogroll v.1.0...

Ore : 11:46 AM

...Is now live! These are my regular reads, from the open-source politics of DailyKos to the learned scribblings of the good Dr. Cole, from the exquisite words and photography of Chad to the cryptic curmudgeonisms of Jerkey, and from the hot, throbbing patriotism of J.C. Patriot to the treasonous asides of Dr. Sebly F. No. Happy surfing!

There of course may be more at a later date, but my lunch of meat loaf and Tang awaits...

P.S. And of course, my daily plea for signatures to aid Montserratian refugees...

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Ore : 8:42 AM

All right, folks: my petition regarding the Feb. 27th deportation of Montserratian refugees is live. Please go sign it!

You can also contact your Representatives and Senators and urge them to support H.R.342, introduced by Rep Owens, Major R. [NY-11]; as of Jan. 25th, it has been referred to the House committee. Its current status: referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Finally, please feel free to contact the INS, the DHS, and the State Department to protest the revocation of the Montserratian's temporary protected status.

Read more
here and

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Malkin:Rightwing Daisy Chain::Flies:Feces

Ore : 10:19 PM

When not harriedly yet smugly herding people unlike her into boxcars, Little Miss Maglalang attempts to write columns:

The courage of Rony Abovitz cannot be overstated.

But Michelle, ever the trooper, is up to the challenge.

The shock waves that have overwhelmed CNN started with a single blogger and reverberated worldwide. I agree with Rony Abovitz that there should be no joy in watching Eason Jordan's downfall. But there is certainly great, unadulterated satisfaction in seeing the collective efforts of the blogosphere--citizens and professional journalists among them--produce the one thing the MSM has for too long escaped in its walled-off world: accountability.

Cue the Carpenters music: We've Only Just Begun.

Continuing the free association, cue images of Miss Maglalang's body eating itself out of catastrophic hunger.

Go ahead, Michelle, treat yourself. You're on top of the world, looking down on creation...

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The Proustian iPod Shuffle

Ore : 9:14 AM

It's a given that, next to scent, music is probably the best aid to memory, fishing out recollections of times and feelings we were sure we'd forgotten. What's less of a given, but what I've found to be just as true -- at least for me -- is that music can bring up non-contemporaneous associations; specifically, a song can come along and remind you of something that happened long before it had ever been written. With that in mind, and without further ado, here's my top 10 list for today:

1. "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)," The Arcade Fire: Walking under the Duboce overpass en route to the Eagle one Thursday midnight, drunk, with an equally inebriated waiter friend. He was a big queen and ran from the shopping cart encampment...

2. "LL-Love," Astaire: Rifling through vintage T-shirts at American Rag in the Spring of '97. For some reason they remind me of that first Cardigans album...

3. "DUI," Har Mar Superstar: Mad stoopid; Jackson 5 flashbacks...

4. "Ladyflash," The Go! Team: I dance to it while doing the dishes; I'm wearing nothing but white lipstick...

5. "T.K.O.," Le Tigre: Lordy, lordy I sho' miss Thekla

6. "Club Foot," Kasabian: Compellingly annoying, like a mosquito bite, or a night at Badlands

7. "The Stars of Track and Field," Belle & Sebastian: Anything by them reminds me of Alan -- I've no idea why! Hi Alan!

8. "Strange Design," Midnight Movies: Catching a screening at the Castro Theatre (my first!) of Barbarella in 1996.

9. "Coin Operated Boy," The Dresden Dolls: a) Their name has a creepy Slaughterhouse 5 association for me, b) the lead singer's voice reminds me of Elizabeth Rohm's (she plays the liberal caricature on L&O), and c) I'm sure this number seems perfect to too many green-ass junior trannies.

10. "Non Photo-Blue," Pinback: I'm 16, sharing a Blizzard at Dairy Queen with Mom.

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Saturday Randomosity

Ore : 9:28 AM

More tomorrow or Monday on Montserrat...In other news:

I think I'm finally breaking in that old tinfoil hat.

Seriously, this is fucked. But it proves nothing to the wingnuts. They still want to boil you in oil if you actually have the temerity to refuse to give BushCo. the benefit of the doubt after all these lies...

Pretty, pretty! "The Gates" opens in central park..."It's a waste of money, but it's fabulous," said student Shakana Jayson. "It brings happiness when you look at it." [Emphasis mine, New Yorkerism in the original]

After a close call, FINA in Montreal is back on! And the host with the most? Alexandre Despatie, naturellement!


Saturday Night Lame: The girl on SNL who's supposed to look like Michael Jackson really just looks like a low-budget version of Darth Rosenberg from BtVS, Season 6. Sad, not funny.

More later, if I feel like it. Meh.

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Friday Superinterhighway Infoweb!

Ore : 12:25 PM

No word yet on my Montserrat petition, and all this news of torture, Robber Baronisms and Kindasleazy Lies is making me thirsty for...

Gouranga, mah bitches!

...Which I need to wash down my lunch:

Everybody knows how much teh gayz love to eat babies.

(Oh, and please hold the Parmesan...)

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My Letter To Sen. Barbara Boxer

Ore : 3:08 PM

So here's what I sent to Senator Boxer (for unrelated reasons, I'm pretty much regarding Feinstein as useless...):

Dear Senator Boxer,

First, I'd like to thank you for your efforts to date in the U.S. Senate to advance democracy. Your recent vote against the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General of the United States of America, in direct defiance of the current Administration's affinity for violation of human rights, was proof positive that you are not only a thoughtful and intelligent Congressperson, but a magnificent human being, as well. You make me proud to be a Californian.

As you are no doubt aware, 1995 was a banner year for upsetting news: the cowardly attack on Oklahoma City by domestic terrorists, the tragic Kansai earthquake (which I myself had the misfortune of experiencing directly), and the massive volcanic eruption on the island nation of Montserrat, which forced thousands from their homes and livelihoods.

Almost 300 hundred Montserratian refugees landed on America's shores, and were awarded temporary protected status. For the past 10 years, they've made do as best as they can, finding jobs, paying taxes, and rebuilding their lives. During their stay, they have proven themselves a tribute to their people, and deserve whatever mercy and kindness our great nation can afford.

Unfortunately, on July 6, 2004, then-Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge terminated the temporary protected status for Montserratians as of February 27, 2005, by which date they must either leave or face deportation, despite the State Department's assessment that Montserrat continues to be uninhabitable. These good people have, in virtually every case, nothing and no one to return to; their homes remain buried under tons of ash and rock. The volcano continues to vent ash and dangerous gasses, and could erupt again.

It has come to my attention that pending legislation in Congress would offer permanent residency to the Montserratians. I beg you please to back this legislation, and enlist whatever help you can from your fellow Senators in seeing it passed. The 292 Montserratians currently living among us have suffered terribly enough as it is. We must not allow the DHS to further compound their misery.

Thank you so much for your time.


[teh l4m3]

Feel free to write to your Senators, and borrow liberally from my crappy letter (having said that, IIRC original letters get more attention than obvious form letters.) Go wild!

No word on how my petition is going. Will keep you updated.

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Ore : 8:31 AM

As many know, in 1995 the island nation of Montserrat suffered a terrible tragedy in the form of a catastrophic volcanic explosion. Thousands were displaced, hundreds ended up in the U.S. on temporary visas. These people have lost their homes, indeed, their very country. Few if any of the hundreds have anything or anyone to go back to. Whatever property they own is buried under tons of ash and rock; the volcano continues to vent dangerous ash, and should continue to do so for the indefinite future.

The hundreds who have since settled on our shores in the past decade are now making do as best they can, working, paying taxes, and in general making lives for themselves. But now, the Dept. of Fatherland Security wants to deport them.

This is just sick. Please contact the U.S. State Department to protest the revocation of the temporary protected status afforded the people of Montserrat.

UPDATE: I couldn't find a petition out there, so I've applied to start one with Petition Them.com. Also, I'll be sharing a letter I'm sending to my reps in Congress later on today or early tomorrow. Stay tuned!...

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There Ought Not To Be a Law

Ore : 1:39 PM

In the mid-90s, it seemed I couldn't swing a tweeker at 333 Ritch without hitting a bitch in a leopard-print coat. Earlier this millenium, mullets began cropping up at an alarming rate on art fags slumming at the Eagle's Sunday Beer Bust. So many times I've seen fashion take a tragic turn and thought, "there oughta be a law."

Now I take it all back; this is just ridiculous.

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Hump Day Activism

Ore : 9:29 AM

Please sign this petition to FOX-lite MSNBC, who in their bit titled "Iraq: The Human Cost" have included only coalition deaths (and one suspects, only those deaths that conformed to the currently very narrow definition of combat deaths).

Because it is self-evident that all men are created equal, and war costs us much more than just those unfortunate soldiers who were killed by enemy combatants.

(via Raed)

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