Ore : 2:39 PM

Crap, this sucks. I hate the fact that I just saw something stupid on Atrios, a blog I adore:

But there are good reasons people don't like buses, though some of them can be improved upon. Buses are generally slower and less predictable. The rides are bumpier and less pleasant. The routes aren't as fixed, and people are less sure where they go.

The bold part of the quote is just the weirdest thing I've ever read. Actually, bus routes are almost just as fixed as rail routes -- the only time those few bus lines in San Francisco that aren't on fixed cables do deviate from their routes, they do so by a couple of blocks, in an instance when they're running without passengers anyway.

What an odd post for Duncan...

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Spin The Wheel, Raggedyman

Ore : 3:57 PM

I, whose generation grew up watching road warriors and killer comets and all sorts of post-apocalyptic fun, am nevertheless shocked that within my lifetime I'd see the beginning of global food riots...

Remember, kids: Aim for the head!

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